D Coy


Durham (The Rifles) Company, 5th Battalion The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers (D (RIFLES) Coy 5 RRF)

D (RIFLES) Coy is a Reserve Infantry Company within 5 RRF. The soldiers within the company are all Riflemen and are a critical part of The Rifles. Company Headquarters and a Rifle Platoon are based in Bishop Auckland, the Mortar Platoon is based in Washington and there is a very strong Rifle Platoon based in Doncaster and Pontefract.

5 RRF is part of the British Army’s Adaptive Force, paired with 3 RIFLES and commanded by 38 (Irish) Brigade.

The presence of D (RIFLES) Coy in the North East and Yorkshire retains cherished roots to the Durham Light Infantry and King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry that go back for centuries.

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