Where to go for help and advice

If you feel that you are in need of help or advice then you should contact your Unit Welfare Officer (UWO) who will provide confidential welfare support and advice to Riflemen and their families.

The UWO is there to:

Assist Riflemen and their families to settle in to their new surroundings

Provide confidential advice and guidance

Support families and individuals during periods of separation

Liaise with the following organisations

  • Army Welfare Service
  • Defence housing Executive
  • Local Housing Associations
  • UK Social Welfare Agencies
  • Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB)
  • Education authorities
  • Child Support Agency (CSA)
  • Benefits office

In addition to the above agencies the UWO also liaises with The Rifles RHQ in Winchester, who can assist with grants for those serving personnel who are suffering hardship or distress.

Request for Assistance

  • Applications should be made through the UWO
  • The UWO will complete a RIFLES Quick Reaction Fund (QRF) form which is passed to the Commanding Officer for his recommendation.
  • Once approved the QRF Form will be passed to The Head of Welfare and Benevolence for action.
  • In emergencies the UWO can make an application by phone to the Head of Welfare and Benevolence who can authorise immediate expenditure however a report must follow as soon as possible.


SSAFA Forcesline is a free and 100% confidential helpline that is completely independent of the military chain of command. Their experienced civilian staff provide a supportive, listening and signposting service for serving personnel and their families, as well as former members of the Armed Forces. SSAFA Forcesline 0800 731 4880 (Freephone).