Every year The Rifles Benevolent Trust assists many serving and ex-serving members of The Rifles, their spouses, partners, widows or other dependents who find themselves in need of assistance.   In 2016 The Rifles responded to 534 applications providing grants totaling approximately £312,000.

Types of Assistance

Assistance will usually be given in one of the following forms:

  • Grants. These cover such things as disability adaptation, mobility equipment, rent, priority debts, clothing and household necessities.
  • Weekly pensions to the very old or sick.  Application will be made to the ABF The Soldiers Charity who will provide such assistance.
  • Education and Training.  Assistance may be given where an individual has been identified by a Welfare Agency as requiring retraining due to circumstances caused by a disability or long term unemployment.

In all cases there must be genuine hardship brought about through circumstances and not by the individuals own design.



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