The Rifles Officers' Club

The aim of the Club is to encourage sporting and social contact between serving, retired and former officers of The Rifles and the antecedent Regiments and with schools, universities, civilian clubs and institutions with which The Rifles are, or aim to be, associated in order to unite its members and promote the good name of the Regiment. 

The objectives of the Club are:

  • To keep its members informed and in touch with the affairs of the Regiment and also each other.
  • To serve and promote the interests of the Regiment both within the Regiment and the wider community, in particular in the traditional recruiting areas of the Forming and antecedent Regiments.
  • To develop and maintain a Rifles Club network in order to foster and support the interests of serving and retired officers of the Regiment.
  • To support and/or organise any event or activity, or project that the Chairman and Committee consider to be of interest and beneficial to The Rifles or The Rifles Officers' Club.

Membership of the Club is open to all serving Regular and Reserve officers of The Rifles, former officers of the DDLI, LI, RGBWLI, and RGJ and their antecedent Regiments. Officers who subsequently convert to another Arm/Service are eligible to remain members of the Club. At the discretion of the Committee honorary membership may be granted to attached officers from other Arms and Services and officers of affiliated Regiments, allied and associated Ships and Air Force and Civic organisations. Officer Cadets who have been provisionally accepted for comissions within The Rifles will automatically become Honorary Members of The Rifles Officers' Club for the duration of their cadetship.

Subscriptions. Serving officers subscribe to the Club through the Days Pay Scheme. Retired officers will pay an annual subscription. 

The key activities of the Club include an annual dinner, regional and county events and sporting fixtures.

Other Membership Benefits include; news of the Regiment and its activities through the online Year Book and RIFLES publications, attendance at all social activities advertised in the Key Dates, automatic access to any Regional Club facility eg The Rifles Oxford Club (Edward Brooks Barracks, Abingdon) and membership of the Golfing Society and the Cricket and Sailing Clubs.

Benevolence: The Regimental Trustees are able to help any serving or retired officer in need, including those who served in the Former Regiments prior to 1 Feb 07. Officers are encourage to inform the Regimental Secretary as soon as possible and in the strictest confidence, whenever they feel appropriate circumstances exist, or may shortly do so. This will allow the Trustees to react in a timely an appropriate way. 

Database: Regimental Headquarters maintains a database including addresses and contact details of all members.