Service Leavers

Leaving the Army is a transition period that can be daunting for some people.  If you are looking to keep up to date with current news in the Royal Regiment or just simply want to be part of the Regimental Family and are looking for comradeship and some social fun then joining your local branch might be the answer.

The resettlement package explained

As a soldier, you’ll have gained valuable skills and life experience. You’ll find that most civilian employers respect this, but the Army gives you some extra help on the job market as well.
The Resettlement Package you get depends on how long you have served. It includes a resettlement payment to help with the costs of setting up your new life and extra training courses to help you find the right job. You’ll be given time off to attend job interviews, and if you've served more than six years you'll be entitled to at least four weeks’ Resettlement Time at the end of your service, rising to seven weeks if you've served for 16 years or more.
And if you want to return to full-time education, you can use Enhanced Learning Credits to pay for up to 80 per cent of your course fees. 

Tracing Service Records:

The Rifles does not hold any information and has no access to Service Records.  These have to be applied for now through the Army Personnel Centre in Glasgow.  You can also contact

How to apply for Medals, Veteran's Badge & lost medals:

Sometimes we lose medals or they need replacing.  Please follow this link for advice on this: 

Pension Advice:

Do you need advice about your army pension? Then by contacting the Armed Forces Pension Society you are assured of receiving advice to help you get the best pension to which you are entitled. There are many websites that can help and if you unsure then please contact  for more help.